The Important Steps of Installing the Garage Door by Yourself

By Frederick Musetti on 12th February 2017

Nowadays there is a great variety of the special services that can perform any kind of work for you. They can do your house holding things, repair some technique or the parts of the furniture, install you any type of the house accessories. But nevertheless there are still people who prefer to do all these works by themselves. Here we will dwell upon the installation of the garage door. It seems to be very difficult task, but due to its weight and the constructional peculiarities, you will need some pieces of advice and, may be, some assistance. It will depend on the type of the garage door, you have chosen.

Of course, the companies that sell the garage door propose such services as the installation, but you can save your money and do it on your own. Just get as much necessary information, as possible, in order to perform this procedure correctly. First of all, remember that the manufacturer had to leave you the special list with the installation instructions, where you will get the information about the peculiarities of the installation process. Then be sure that you got the torsion spring system that will provide you with the good mechanism of installation. The garage with the standard torsion system is not too safe to work with, sometimes in this case it is better to ask for the specialist.

You should follow the safety instructions, first of all, be sure to read them attentively. That is not too smart to be confident that you are good enough specialist in this sphere. So the first step will be attaching the weather-stripping first at the first panel's bottom-most edge. Then you should fix the panel in the door way. You have to move the nails at such an angle that they fix and lodge the door properly. After this you should take the instructions of the manufacturers and learn attentively the system of the installation. There will be detailed description of the construction of the garage door. You should assemble all the necessary parts of the different tracks (horizontal, vertical and curved).

Another important step is the installation of the rollers on the door sections. After the installation you should slip in the vertical tracks from the one side of the door section and the repeat the same actions from the other side of the door. After finishing the first section it is high time to follow to the second section. Almost the same process with the rollers and slipping in the tracks should be performed.

While performing all these actions don`t forget to check the leveling of the door. It is important to perform each step one by one and do it slowly and attentively. It is advised to make sure at this point that all screws are in place and driven carefully. Be careful as far as the weight of the door is not too light and at this period of installation it has the tendency to slip.

After finishing the third section that should be also installed like the uppers ones, you have to affix the jamb brackets with the tracks and attach the brackets to the framing members. Sometimes you need some time to wait before tightening the screws.

After the installation of the horizontal and curved tracks, fix and bolt them together. Check the correct tightness of the screws and bolts. It is very important to be sure in the safety of the installation. All the tracks should be surely fixed and tested.

Before starting installation of your garage door, you can take some important pieces of the advice from the specialists in order to get some information that will not be included into the instructions. That will help you to make the work perfectly! Good Luck!